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Free Jazz Avantgarde DKK 75/50


Hailing from Sydney, Australia, Microfiche is a musical collective featuring six of Australia's most daring improvisers. From 'miniatures' less than a minute long through to extended durational works, Microfiche's music explores the detailed and surprising minutiae of sound.

Microfiche formed in 2015 as a group of like-minded friends coming together for exploratory weekly rehearsals. These formative sessions were a place of freedom and experimentation, leaving no aesthetic stone unturned. Influenced by the musical philosophies of John Cage and Morton Feldman, the group has developed a unique approach to music-making featuring spaces of meditative stillness, soundscapes and evolving loops that collide with strong rhythmic outbursts and melodic catharsis.

Line up:
  • Nick Calligeros - trumpet
  • Holly Conner - drums & percussion
  • Phillippa Murphy-Haste - clarinet & viola
  • Novak Manojlovic - piano & keyboards
  • Max Alduca - double bass
  • Sam Gill - Alto saxophone