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SpaceHouse Series: Nikolaj Hess Trio feat. Tony Scherr (US) & Ben Perowsky (US)

Designmuseum Danmark , København K

Moderne DKK 100


SpaceHouse Series præsenterer:
- Nikolaj Hess Trio feat. Tony Scherr -

Nikolaj Hess Trio:

“ If Chopin had been born in New York and received tuition from say Bill Evans or Keith Jarrett he may have sounded like this. Denmark’s Nikolaj Hess has combined trio trio that emphasizes the lyrical and poetic, mood-filled and simple, raw, unpolished and yet virtuosity and refined.” “a delightful, reflective, almost pastoral use of light and shade. Says (bebop spoken here UK)
“a mesmerizing level of intensity at low volume and slow pace” (jazzword blogspot)
“Gold dust. Nikolaj Hess’ fingers on the keyboard is an alchemical affair. An album with a wide range of expression, yet spiritually coherent.” (Chr Munch-Hansen Politiken)

SpaceHouse Series er et samarbejde mellem Spacelab, The House Festival, Designmuseet og Pianoværkstedet.

Line up:
  • Nikolaj Hess, Piano (DK)
  • Tony Scherr, Bass (USA)
  • Ben Perowsky, Drums (USA)

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