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Dose Sampu Live presents Desta French (UK)

Colombian / Italian artist and songwriter, Desta French is one of the most exciting voices emerging from London’s Latin music scene. Her broad range of influences span from RnB, salsa, cambia, hip-hop, lo-fi, grime and Latin pop music, expressed though her native London Camden attitude.

Since the start of her musical career Desta has been very personal journey finding ways to incorporate her Colombian identity to the front of the conversation, producing tracks in both Spanish and English.
Songs like “Guajira” and “Into the Wave” from her EP San Lazarus have been laying down the blueprint for a new generation of British Latin creatives - unique from the internationalle recognised diaspora in the United States and South America.

Music and event collective Dose Sampu proudly presents Desta French who will join the Dose Sampu Live Band for a long awaited concert July 15th with live jazzy, salsa, RNB and hiphop sounds on H15 Stage during the Co...

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Line up:
  • Desta French (v)
  • DJ John Vincent (turntables)
  • Mikael Hegelund Martinsen (g)
  • Simon Rønne Rischel (p)
  • Albert von Bülow (b)

Lignende koncerter i Copenhagen Jazz Festival 2021