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Nebula feat. Jakob De Place, Philip Akrofi, Dana Alshihaby, Berrin Bas, Malthe Beck & DJ Anthon Stacks

This is the first event in two years, where we are back at H15. We are very emotional about setting this one up, especially since we are back home at H15 and to once again witness this wild music unfold.
During this years Copenhagen Jazz Festival last day of the extended festival program - we are looking forward to introducing an eclectic lineup of some of the most interesting and honest musicians, we know of - and to gathering the whole of Copenhagen's vibrant jazz environment.
We are extremely proud and honoured to welcome these beautiful and individual artists to the stage. Hopefully they will get to meet each other in the curious, honest and beautiful ways we've seen before.

The improvisation collective Nebula curates an open and improvised live concert with hand picked friends and guests from across the festival program.
Nebula is a fluid collective of curated musicians gathered across styles and musical borders to meet each other in a set up wh...

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Line up:
  • Live on Stage:
  • Jakob De Place - drums
  • Philip Akrofi - bass
  • Dana Alshihaby - vocals
  • Berrin Bas - vocals
  • Malthe Beck - sax
  • Resident Dj: Anthon Stacks from Palmspree

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