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Dwayne Clemons Quintet ***Cancelled**

Swing Traditionel DKK 110 kr. voksen ( +9.12 gebyr)/ 60 kr students (+7.24 gebyr)


Dwayne Clemons was born in Los Angeles, California, July 3rd, 1963; but raised in Dallas,Texas, from
infancy. He started playing trumpet at age 8. It was in Dallas where he started his musical apprenticeship
under the the likes of, Dizzy Gillespie, Sonny Cohn, Red Garland, James Clay, Buster Smith, Marchel
Ivery, Claude Johnson, et.al.

Upon arriving in New York, from 1985, up until the early-nineties, Clemons furthered his apprenticeship
and received a lot of encouragement from with, Clarence"C"Sharpe, Jonah Jones, Barry Harris, Tommy
Turrentine and many more.
From 2005, to 2014, Dwayne Clemons co-lead a quintet with alto/baritone saxophonist, Josh Benko and
pinaist, Sacha Perry, on various occasions, taking up residency at Smalls Jazz Club in Greenwich
Village. Worked with Charles Davis, on various occasions in New York. During the Spring of 2011 and
2012, Dwayne join...

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Line up:
  • Dwayne Clemons, trumpet
  • Søren Høst, tenor saxophone
  • Ben Besiakov, piano
  • Ida Hvid, bass
  • Frands Rifbjerg, drums

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