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Ignacio Cordoba

Fri entré

Ignacio Córdoba makes magic with electricity. He is not very important. You and I get together. I ask you to do something and it’s absurd. You give me a moment of trust and we do it. Then the absurd transforms into an unknown, into a mirror we don’t recognize. What is this? The question gets bigger and it creates holes that weren’t in us, or perhaps they were already there and it/we made them visible. We can substitute the word "question" for "situation". Or for "inspiration". Or "time". We frame time as the life and death of changes. For that we need space, matter and perception. We do it everyday aiming for results. We can do it as motion into the unknown, without immediate practicality and full of possibilities. Ignacio plans things to happen free of aesthetic colouring and yet to have a transformative axis. There is no audience. We are all participants in these meetings, this public ceremonies of association and dissociation. Summonings of impossible presencies. Confusions b...

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Lignende koncerter i Copenhagen Jazz Festival 2021