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Moderne Smooth Jazz World/Folk Funk/Soul DKK 150 kr voksen entre/ 108 student entre

Built on futurist flute sounds, elaborate rhythms and sensitive melodies, ‘Shapes in Twilights of Infinity’ unfolds like a dreamlike path into an unparalleled musical universe. With her highly anticipated first full album, multi-instrumentalist ESINAM invites us on a cosmic journey, a trip towards horizons coloured with sounds and influences that reach as far as the eye can see.

This record finds a balance between the acoustic and electronic, between the future and ancestral. The songs are deeply rooted in grooves and global sounds, at the same time composed and spontaneously evolving, always filled with a strong musical feeling. From ‘New Dawn’ with its pulsating beats, vivid flutes and poetical spoken word featuring of the Londoner Nadeem Din-Gabisi, over the soulful jazz vibe of ‘Lost Dimensions’, to the etheric melodies and mesmerizing singing of South-African guest vocalist Sibusile Xaba on ‘Flowing River’: ESINAM delivers
nothing less than a ...

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Line up:
  • ESINAM - vocals and instrumentals

Lignende koncerter i Copenhagen Jazz Festival 2022