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Nebulah and Scram & Dawda Jobarteh (DOUBLE CONCERT)

Moderne Vokal World/Folk DKK 150 kr voksen entre/ 108 student entre

From 19:30 to 20:30

NEBULAH is a band and group of songwriters consisting of three vocalists Katrine Kjeldskov Kirketerp, Janne Hagen Therkildsen and Hannah Busk Larsen and guitarist Elisabeth Panduro Holst. Join NEBULAH on their musical journey through time and space as their tales explore the unknown, invisible and untamable forces surrounding us. With a feminin cosmic power the songs
will leave you floating in outer space and lure you into water.
NEBULAH are combining strong vocal harmonies accompanied by atmospheric guitar.

The compositions are experimental vocal arrangements with expressive guitar drawing inspiration from pop, ambient, singer/songwriter and folk music. The music and lyrics are written by all the members of the band. NEBULAH bring a distinctive atmosphere to their performances, focusing on evocative storytelling within dreamy soundscapes, merging their individual voices in a fluid and shared state of collective creativity...

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Line up:
  • Katrine Kjeldskov Kirketerp - vokal
  • Janne Hagen Therkildsen - vokal
  • Hannah Busk Larsen - vokal
  • Elisabeth Panduro Holst - guitarist
  • Mads Menzer - guitar
  • Jonathan Larsen - bas
  • Mathias Dabricius - trommer
  • /
  • Anders Banke - sax
  • Dawda Jobarteh - kora
  • Gunnar Halle - trumpet
  • Thommy Andersson - bass
  • Martin Maretti Andersen - drums

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