Koncerten er afsluttet

Stepping Pluncaphonics


Pluncaphonics has recently started collaboration with the phenomenal Finnish tap-dancer, Ilmo Pio.
Ilmo makes his moves to essentially all styles of music, from the traditional swing based repertoire to the more experimental and improvised genre.
Being out of a family in music, theater and dance Ilmo has performed with big bands and small groups alike as well as in performances.
In this constallation you will meet him with Pluncaphonics, whom you may have heard at earlier occasions at Tango y Vinos.
This evening Stepping Pluncaphonics will be showcasing music including jazz standards and originals.

Line up:
  • Tap dance: Ilmo Pio
  • Piano: Knulp Rittmeyer
  • Bass: Erik Rasmussen

Lignende koncerter i Copenhagen Jazz Festival 2022