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Ute Wasserman/Lotte Anker/Andrea Parkins (DE/DK/US)

Eksperimental Vokal Elektronisk DKK 120 DKK / Stud. 60 DKK


Wassermann, Anker & Parkins is a trio established in 2018 (on hold from 2020 until now) consisting of three highly prominent musicians/composers on the European experimental music and sound art scene.
W, A & P explore sound in fluid electroacoustic fields of gestures and tension, creating both disturbing, strange and beautiful adventurous sonic worlds. Adventurous and transcendent music.

Ute Wassermann, voice artist, composer, improvisor is known for her extraordinary, many-voiced and extreme vocal sound-language, which she brings into experimental/contemporary music in diverse ways. Wassermann is engaged in the areas of composition, improvisation and performance / sound art: she takes the voice beyond itself, extends her voice using bird whistles, speaker objects, resonators, field recordings, multi-channel- diffusion and light (with Michael Vorfeld). Numerous performances in festivals, galleries and clubs throughout Europe, Australia, Mexico, Brazil and Asia. ...

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Line up:
  • Ute Wassermann - vocal, objects
  • Lotte Anker - saxophones
  • Andrea Parkins - accordion, electronics

Lignende koncerter i Copenhagen Jazz Festival 2023