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Jooklo Duo (IT) + Lao Dan老丹 (CN) + Hey Nana, I'm Halym (DE/KR/DK)

Global Folk/roots Eksperimental jazz Avantgarde Visits DKK 100 DKK pr day - 200 DKK for all 3 days.


Final Descent X Copenhagen Jazz Festival

Join us for three days of adventurous sounds and a myirad of different expressions, when we dive deep into the world of improvisation, at the iconic venue Mayhem, during Copenhagen Jazz Festival 2024.

Here you will witness folk, jazz, free-improvisation, electronic ambient, harsh noise and neo-classical music merge in new exciting ways, from a diverse range of performers with different geographical and artistic backgrounds.

100 dkr pr day, or 200 dkr for all 3 days.

7. juli: Lao Dan老丹 meets Maria Bertel (cn/dk) + Køs (dk)
8. juli: Jooklo Duo (it) + Lao Dan老丹 (cn) + Hey Nana, I'm Halym (dk)
9. juli: TBA

Doors: 19.30
First show: 20.00


Jooklo Duo (it)

Siden 2004 har Jooklo Duo (Vi...

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Line up:
  • Jooklo Duo (it): Virginia Genta (Reeds, flutes, percussion), David Vanzan (Drums, percussion)
  • Lao Dan (Reeds, flutes)
  • Hey Nana, I'm Halym: Nana Pi Aabo-Kim (Reeds), Halym Kim (Drums)

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