Koncerten er afsluttet

Turcerova / Buchner / Wikström (SL/DE/SE)

Contemporary DKK 100/75 pr. concert, 200/150 for the evening - partout (10 days) 1600/1200 DKK


Turcerova/Buchner/Wikström is a trio, that creates performatory soundscapes, utilizing everyday activities and objects.

Following their debut piece, "CHAIRS - The Art of Seating," from February, the trio is now ready to present their second creation.
This new piece, is focused on unfolding the plastic foil as an abundant source of sound and performance, offering an experience that is both abstract and naturalistic.

The trio aim to redefine the boundaries of sound and perception - where the familiar becomes extraordinary and the mundane becomes supernatural and invites the audience to immerse in a sensory experience.

Line up:
  • Michaela Turcerova - Plastic foil, objects and machines
  • Sarah Buchner - Plastic foil, objects and machines
  • Qarin Wikström - Plastic foil, objects and machines

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