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Ronny Graupe + Westergaard / Bruun (DE/DK)

Moderne jazz Contemporary Avantgarde Visits DKK 100/75 pr. concert, 200/150 for the evening - partout (10 days) 1600/1200 DKK


Ronny Graupe has been playing nationally and internationally since the mid-1990s and is an integral part of the vibrant Berlin jazz scene.
In many years of working with the trio Gropper/Graupe/Lillinger, as well as in his ensemble Ronny Graupes Spoom, he developed his own language on the guitar and as a composer.
He has released over a dozen albums as a leader/co-leader and many as a sideman.
In 2011 Graupe was appointed as a lecturer at the University of the Arts in Bern, Switzerland for jazz guitar and ensemble playing.
In 2019 he founded Into The Shed - a live streaming concert series focusing on the international jazz and improv scene in Berlin.
In June 2021 he received the German Jazz Prize, which was awarded for the first time and initiated by the federal government, in the guitar category.
In 2022 he founded his own label Out Of The Shed.
After a longer break, Ronny presents his trio Spoom with Jonas Westergaard on double bass and...

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Line up:
  • Ronny Graupe + Westergaard / Bruun

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