Flying Jazzman Quintet


Flying Jazzman Quintet
The band plays the 30-40’s jazz standards in a fresh style with clear threads to the old days of swinging jazz from dance halls and small jazz clubs. In 2017 the band started working together with the Danish swing dance society and accommodated their repertoire to fit the national and international swing events in Denmark.
Since 2017 Flying Jazzman has performed at international swing events, Copenhagen Jazzfestival, Riverboat Jazzfestival, Århus Jazzfestival, Odder Jazzy Days og Copenhagen Vinter Jazzfestival.

Line up:
  • Jan Nielsen, piano & vokal
  • Felix Moseholm, kontrabas
  • Søren Pedersen, trommer
  • Jeppe Zacho, saxofon

Lignende koncerter i Copenhagen Jazz Festival