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Günter Baby Sommer / Jesper Løvdal + more

5e / Mandagsklubben, København V


kl 19 The Monday Band currated by Federico Corsini

Ben Rodney - tpt
Håvard Nordberg Funderud - g
Hein Westgaard - g
Eros Pollaro - g
Thea Emilie Wang - vcl
Margaux Oswald - p
Petter Asbjørnsen - db
Ossian Ward - dr

Yes! Its the Monday Band at 7pm each monday until the end of time. The Monday Band was formed to focus on playing improvised music in a large ensemble and draws its members from the large vibrant group of improvisers in town and passing through. The idea is to have a international band with a open constellation which connects the improvising scene in Copenhagen and performs every week. The band will play minimal compositions, improvising concepts and graphic scores composed and arranged by the members of the band. the band will have a flexible lineup each week but with a core group of artists consistently there. Copenhagen has long needed a place where a steady workshop band could experime...

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