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Barry Guy + Lars Göran Ulander + more

5e / Mandagsklubben, København V


kl 17 Djbfa Network Talks # 9

Lars Göran Ulander talks to Kresten Osgood. Swedish free saxophone legend Lars Göran Ulander is today 76 years old. He started out playing in the late 50s with Bernd Egerbladh and Lasse Lystedt. later he became a defining voice in Per Henrik Wallins trio. He also worked with Phil Minton, Palle Danielsson and many others. He was the leading light of free improvisation in the 80s in Umeå and Mats Gustafsson considers him a major influence. since the late 70s mr Ulander was also a radio host and producer for swedish radio and he is responsible for turning on an entire generation to jazz through his radio shows.

His playing has been on an consistently high level with a very personal concept of the alto sax and he has more recently collaborated with Erik Kimestad, Rune Lohse, Kresten Osgood, Magnus Broo and many others. He has performed at the Monday Club several times before but this is the first chance we get to talk...

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