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ZOLA solo – "All That is Left“ + many others

5e / Mandagsklubben, København V

Moderne Vokal DKK 80 DKK (100 DKK partout)



Kl. 19:00 – Johnny Reinhard
Kl. 20:00 – Carolyn Goodwin / Simon Spang Hanssen duo
Kl. 21:00 – ZOLA solo – "All That is Left“
Kl. 22:00 – Ole Rømer Trio feat. Billy Peterson and Fredrik Lundin
Kl. 23:00 – Jakob Dinesen Trio
Kl. 24:00 – Engel/Uranes/Vestergaard

One side-project of the heart of Zola is the exploration of collage work and creation of soundscapes w/ field recorded samples, sung & spoken words, melodies and sounds. Playing with form and formless fragments of past memories, recorded conversations of seemingly unimportant everyday stories. Acoustic, electronic, low-fi, live - all merging into one emotional landscape.


Mandagsklubben's distinguished artist in residence in November is none other than the fantastic Zola Mennenöh! Zola Mennenöh is a vocalist, improviser, composer and flutist from Germany with roots in jazz and improvisation.


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Line up:
  • Zola Mennenöh - voice, recorded samples, electronics, objects

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