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ZOLA – "Of Cabbages And Kings" + many others

5e / Mandagsklubben, København V

Moderne Vokal DKK 80 DKK (100 DKK partout)



Kl. 19:00 – The Monday Band curated by TS Høeg
Kl. 20:00 – Kirsten Aage with Helle Thun
Kl. 21:00 – ZOLA – "Of Cabbages And Kings"
Kl. 22:00 – Mathias Landæus / Håkon Berre / Sture Ericson / Johannes Nästesjö
Kl. 23:00 – Jonas Engel Solo
Kl. 24:00 – Antistatic

Of Cabbages And Kings (Veronika Morscher/Zola Mennenöh/Laura Totenhagen/Rebekka Ziegler - voices) is a Cologne-based collective band of four vocalists, exploring the possibilities of the human voice times four. All four vocalists are solo performers and composers themselves, and therefore wish to create a space for everyone to express their individual stories, and at the same time become one body of sound together. A democratic, supportive structure leaving space for genre-crossing music from poem settings, free improvisations to arranged folk or pop songs.


Mandagsklubben's distinguished artist in resi...

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Line up:
  • Veronika Morscher - voice
  • Zola Mennenöh - voice
  • Laura Totenhagen - voice
  • Rebekka Ziegler - voice

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