Spectacle 2020

ALICE cph , København N

Eksperimental Elektronisk World/Folk DKK 450 kr inkl gebyr

Spectacle is back! Copenhagen's spring festival for the adventurous audience returns May 29-30.

Spectacle is a two days celebration at ALICE, Union, the neighboring church Sct. Johannes and Sct. Johannes Gården with live acts, talks, performances, art, DJs, record fair, food and more.

This year Spectacle will take place May 29-30. The first four acts are now ready. We're excited to welcome:

Apartment House (UK) perform Julius Eastman’s ‘Femenine’
Księżyc (PL)
Lightning Bolt (US)
RP Boo (US)

More acts to be announced soon!
Scroll down for full band descriptions.


Band descriptions:

Apartment House (UK) perform Julius Eastman’s ‘Femenine’

The great contemporary music ensemble, Apartment House, performs the great American compos...

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