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The Rolling Stones Project (US)

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After the forthcoming Rolling Stones concert in Warsaw, Poland this coming Summer, some of their musicians will be heading directly to Copenhagen for another run of shows for us at the National Museum. Last they were here in October the ticket demand was so high that the entire ticket system crashed (we are better prepared this time, so it shouldn't happen again!). Once again, the tenor saxophonist with the Rolling Stones for the past 19 years, Mr. Tim Ries, will be the musical master of ceremonies as he guides us on a journey through his compelling and poetic renditions of the iconic Stones songs. As always with the RSP gigs, you never know until the very last minute what the exact line-up will be, but we do already know that the Rolling Stones back vocalist, Mr. Bernard Fowler, will take part. He is an incredible lead singer in his own right and we are very excited about his arrival here.

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