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Frihavnskirken , København Ø

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Like a plant that grows where the glittering stars on the night sky are brightest and where everything needs to travel far and slow, the listener must be prepared for long musical travels filled with space for improvisation. The musical foundation is often a groove like in West African music, but Maria Dybbroe’s compositions are also inspired by modern classical pieces, and in-between the chaos of ostinatos you will meet melancholic melodies as in the Nordic folklore tradition – though everything is freely interpreted as in avant-garde jazz. Cactus is almost a double-trio with two double-basses and two saxophones which gives the group a lot of strength, but also challenges the arrangements. In the music, you will experience the reflections of the instruments, and the reflected trio-format, as well as reflected and twisted melodies and ideas. Romantic images of open landscapes, mirages and the Cactus plant’s rough and sharp prickles are altogether descriptive of this music.

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Line up:
  • Maria Dybbroe (altsax) - Zeki Jindyl (altsax) - Thorbjørn Kaas (kontrabas) - Frederik Hagner (kontrabas) - Tobias Andreassen (trommer)

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