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The Roots (US) – sold out

Modern Fusion Funk/Soul DKK 475-675

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You won’t find another group that straddles the line between rap and jazz as effortlessly as The Roots. Led by founding members Questlove and Black Thought and for the first time in the 40 year history of Copenhagen Jazz Festival, The Roots are taking the festival stage in the DR Concert Hall on July 10th, 2018.

The Roots are both a legend and an anomaly. A legend, because they have been a respected institution of hip hop for the last quarter of a century. An anomaly, because they continue to favour unusual methods within the genre: instead of relying exclusively on samples, the group prefer to create their songs as a live band would, with abundant musical accompaniment that gives the music a very organic style, and a versatility that has allowed the group to perform on the most highly-renowned rap stages, while also touring the jazz circuit.

What’s more, they have even recorded an album with Elvis Costello and for a decade been the official house band...

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