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Duolog: Fra ”Bach to Blues”

Frihavnskirken , København Ø

Modern DKK 50

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Duolog is a musical conversation between trumpet player Torben Sminge
and bass player Jens Krøgholt. The subjects of the conversation are - like t
he imagination - boundless.
There will be stories from everyday life, fairy tales, love stories, true stories - and
some not so true. All the stories call upon our inner smile, and it all ends well - in
its own way, with maybe a little bit of bragging. Musical stories to take with you
when you leave - and for you to make your own.
The music is condensed to melody and bass line. Two separate and equal voices.
We mix our main instrument of trumpet and double bass with flugelhorn, EWI,
melodica, pocket trumpet, Würlitzer, percussion, kalimba, some electronics,
a wee bit of singing, loops and much more.
The setting of DUOLOG is: our own compositions, Danish/Swedish folk tunes,
J. S. Bach, Mysteries of the far East, tango, hymns, and interpretations of

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Line up:
  • Torben Sminge, trompetist og Jens Krøgholt, bassist

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