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Tante Andante w. Richard Andersson & ImmerGrün

Havnepakhuset , Dragør

Jazz for Kids DKK 60 DKK

No advance tickets

Tante Andante is a popular Danish children’s character invented by Halfdan Rasmussen and put into music by the Danish singer and composer Benedicte Riis.
Together with bass player, Richard Andersson, they have developed a jazz show especially for a young audience, where the children interact by listening, singing, dancing and playing while discovering jazz through colorful songs and stories. Benedicte Riis has written many children's books, and she will use some of them very creative in the music show. For more information please go to

Line up:
  • Benedicte Riis (DK) v, Rudi Mahall (DE) bcl, Henrik Walsdorff (DE) as, Kasper Tom (DK) dr, Richard Andersson (DK) b

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