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The Kryptonauts

Huset-KBH , København K

Free admission

In the beginning there was harmony in the improsmos. Three young Impronauts were living on the remote island of Kryptonesia learning from their master, Kryptodius, about krypton-art. But one day all the sounds in the universe had been played and chaos descend upon the improsmos. After battling the destabilized improssmos for many decades, Kryptodius sent her greatest apprentices on a quest to find new sounds and to restore tranquility to the improsmos. From that day on they were known as The Kryptonauts. The search was long and hard, the new sounds were not easy to find and since they were not yet heard by the human ear, they took many strange forms and shapes. Their eternal search through the imprsomos has lead them to many strange and foreign lands, near and far. And now they are entering your domain.

The concerts take place in the cozy courtyard of Huset

Line up:
  • The Kryptonauts: sacred disciples of sound. Kryptodius: their master. The Improsmos: the multiverse of sound.

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