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Byens Lys , København K

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The Danish duo Bremer/McCoy’s meditative and intense blend of jazz and dub music is nothing but captivating. No computers are ever involved in their recording processes; they record everything straight onto tape recorders and when they play live, they bring their homebuilt soundsystem in order to ensure adequate depth in the lower frequencies.

Bremer/McCoys unique sound is slowly starting to make an impact beyond the boundaries of Denmark. Since 2013 they have released three full length albums on the Danish label Raske Plader and new material is on the way.
Bremer/McCoy is greatly influenced by the sound and culture surrounding dub music, and the quality of sound is of extreme importance to them, both when recording and performing live.

Jonathan Bremer (born 1991) and Morten McCoy (born 1992) are childhood friends and their almost symbiotic way of working together creates not only a sound that makes perfect sense but also very intense and intimat...

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Line up:
  • Bremer/McCoy

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