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Bådteatret/ Ubåden , København K

Modern Free Jazz Bebop/Hardbop DKK 100DKK/75DKK

No advance tickets

Taking a leap from the comfort zone of the embracing history of songwriting, this trio is emerging from the depth of their shyness and taking their music to the stage. Spiraling into endless variations and expressions, searching for unity and pursuance the goal is to enter the limitlessness of creation.
The basis is songs, but you might not hear it...

Ticket price: 150 DKK / 75 DKK (students)
2 concerts: 150 DKK / 100 DKK (students)

Line up:
  • Erik Kimestad (NO) tp, Richard Andersson (DK) b, Daniel Sommer (DK) dr

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