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World Scene Platform - Trippel Koncert

Råhuset , København V

Blues Fusion World/Folk DKK Dørsalg: 100 kr pr koncert (STUD 50 kr) pr koncert Kontant - Mobilepay

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Copenhagen Jazz Festival at Råhuset, offers nine unique concerts, with constellations that have been put together for the occasion. The concerts have all the focus and starting point of the genres world, roots & hybrid, jazz, fusion, and songwriting. From Friday, July 6th - Tuesday, July 10th, there will be a World Scene Platform on the program, featuring three-day concerts daily.
World Scene Platform is a non-profit organization started by musician Ayi Solomon (GH) and is a musical concept based on the need to create space for collaboration, exchange and ideas in music and other relevant art forms. The platform concept is a collective movement of local and international artists who share the stage for the benefit and enjoyment of an audience enjoying the free form and the musically creative ideas behind.
Doors open: 17:30 pm (Only ticket at the door)
KL: 18:00 - Apaloo - Bitran - Solomon - Spang (afro, blues, folk og jazz)
The band has a special sound, tra...

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Line up:
  • 1. Alain Apaloo, akustisk & elektrisk guitar Mariane Bitran, fløjte, altfløjte, bambusfløjter Ayi Solomon, percussion Simon Spang-Hanssen, soprano & tenor-sax, fløjter
  • 2. Moussa Diallo - Lead Vocal, Electric Bass. Preben Carlsen - Electric Guitar. Sal Dibba - Precussion.
  • 3. Ida Gormsen – Bass, Klaus Menzer –Drums, Thomas Walbum – Piano/Keys, Pelle Fridell – Tenor & Soprano Sax, Søren Lee – Guitar, Ayi Solomon – Percussion

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