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Vänner til Vem

Huset-KBH , København K

Free admission

This constellation draws its main inspiration from a popular game where drawings are exchanged and completed over time. In the same way this group of young musicians composes music – colorful, thrilling, epic and sometimes humorous – through the 
exchange of musical sketches. With their mix of different musical backgrounds and input they create music that is influenced by musical styles such as pop, rock, folk and metal but still maintains the main element of improvisation in jazz music. 

The concert takes place in the cozy courtyard of Huset

Line up:
  • Edvin Lorinius, Saxophones
  • Daniel Ödrtegren Desai, Saxophones
  • Per Nilsson, Guitar
  • Marcus Björlin, Bass
  • Mario Ochoa, Drums

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