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Henrik Lindstrand

Huset-KBH , København K

Experimental DKK 160

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In the autumn Henrik Lindstrand debuted as a soloist with the album 'Leken'. The Swedish pianist, who has been resident for more than 20 years, is not new to the Danish music scene. Lindstrand has previously made his pamphlet as a multi-instrumentalist in the Danish band Kashmir and has simultaneously enjoyed great success as a film composer. He has been nominated for a Robert for his work with the music in Anders Morgenthaler's feature film 'Ekko' and last is current with the music of the Swedish / Danish thriller series Greyzone.

As a soloist, he works with the piano as the only tool and for his concerts the audience is invited inside the dreamy and minimalist universe that characterizes the album. In addition to songs from the debut album 'Leken', for the concert at XENON (4th floor at Huset) there will also be songs from Lindstrands upcoming album.

Line up:
  • Henrik Lindstrand - piano

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