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Simon Toldam Trio

5e / ILK, København V

Experimental DKK 6pm-concert: 40 dKr. Evening ticket (3 concerts -8pm-midnight): 100 dKr.

No advance tickets

is one of the most acclaimed and versatile trios from Denmark. Whether parading or drifting, noising or silencing, the interplay between these three displays their uncanny ability to beat and blow as one organism.
Simon Toldam Trio is playing new material – Slow Infinity, sonic explorations of slowness.

Simon Toldam Trio´s debut-album "Sunshine Sunshine or Green as Grass" was proclaimed as a masterpiece from several jazz critics (and nominated as “Album of the year” - Danish Music Awards Jazz) , and since then the trio has continued their musical path, lately culminating in the acclaimed duology LOOK UP, consisting of LOOK UP 14 (from 2014) & LOOK UP 15 (from 2015, nominated as “Album of the year", Danish Music Awards Jazz).

"Simon Toldam ... one of the most impressive figures on the bustling Scandinavian improvised music scene". —Peter Margasak, DownBeat

Line up:
  • Nils Davidsen – bas
  • Knut Finsrud – trommer
  • Simon Toldam – klaver

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