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5e / ILK, København V

Experimental DKK 6pm-concert 40 DKK. Evening ticket (8pm-midnight) 100 DKK.

No advance tickets

A triple treat by three instant improvisers.
Martin Klapper is Improv´s unsung cat in this country. Throughout years he´s been deeply connected with the european scene, among other things participating in Derek Bailey´s Company Weeks. Klapper hunts objects, and his table of delights with lo-fi electronics and children´s toys produces sounds with a musical shape at a breakneck speed.
Niklas Fite is emerging as one of most versatile and interesting among young improvisers in Scandinavia. With one foot in Improv and the other in the Tristanotradition Fite is unique and a musician you should not miss. His guitar and banjo (sic!) stands out as one of the most exciting in scandinavia today.
Sture Ericson is since many years a familiar voice on the Copenhagen scene. He has been collaborating with a great variety of international improvisers, among other projects in the highly original group The Electrics. Stretching his instrument´s sonic palette with various prepara...

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Line up:
  • Sture Ericson - sax, clarinet
  • Martin Klapper - lo-fi electronics & amplified objects
  • Niklas Fite - guitar, banjo

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