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The BONE - Bøje-Olsson-Friis Nielsen-Ericson

5e / ILK, København V

Experimental DKK 6 pm concert 40 DKK, evening 8-12 pm 100 DKK

No advance tickets

Friis and Bøje is probably THE rhythm section that has the longest history together here in Danmark, and it would be hard to find someone matching their common experiences anywhere in the world. They are both part of the history of free music in Denmark and in many of the legendary constellations in the past you will find at least one of them. But being a part of history doesn´t mean that you are history. Both these gentlemen are very much alive, curious and constantly exploring further developments of their musical expression.
You will have a hard time finding two musicians of any age matching these two gentlemen´s musical energy.
Ericson has playing with them frequently in later years and now he brings his fellow swede Olsson, with whom he has been collaborating a lot lately, into this meltpot of energy, where they will surf on on the inexhaustible tidal wave of Bøje and Friis.
A blast cannot be excluded.

Line up:
  • Claus Bøje - drums
  • Henrik Olsson - guitar
  • Peter Friis Nielsen - bass
  • Sture Ericson - sax, clarinet

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