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5e / ILK, København V

Experimental DKK 6 pm concert 40 DKK, evening 8-12 pm 100 DKK

No advance tickets

NEWCLEAR is a new soundcollective, that operates in a mix between music, soundart and installations. Their work has an anthropological touch as they explore and investigates human culture, relations and religious rituals.

A tribute to new paths, where sci-fi and psychedelic landscapes encircles songs about magicians, shattered illusions and rituals. An experimenting pop-band and collective, that explores the different sounds of the world, and searches to give an experience focusing on curiosity and singularity.

Line up:
  • Emil Jensen, vokal, keys, effekter, tp
  • Victor Dybbroe, dm og perc
  • Anders Filipsen, keys og vo

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