The concert has finished

Laura Toxværd/QarinWikström/Lotte Anker + guest(s)

5e / ILK, København V

Experimental DKK 6pm-concert 40 DKK. Evening ticket (8pm-midnight) 100 DKK.

No advance tickets

At the concert Toxværd, Wikström and Anker meet for the first time in this format. Original compositions written for this special occasion will be the point of departure for the ensemble's sonic explorations. In DownBeat's feature of Copenhagen Jazz Festival 2017 Martin Longley wrote: "Her [Laura Toxværd] bleating accuracy has a harsh hardness that's forming a fresh female soloing vanguard"

Line up:
  • Laura Toxværd, alto sax/clarinet,
  • Qarin Wikström, vocals/electronics,
  • Lotte Anker, saxophones,
  • 1 or 2 guests

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