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Vanja Santos

Café Amazônia , København N

Traditional World/Folk DKK 100 kr. Students 50 kr.

No advance tickets

Three Golden Generations
Thomas Clausen Vanja Santos Rune Fog-Nielsen Despite

Then again there is a chance to hear Denmark's Brazilian bossa nova / jazz queen, Vanja Santos. She is known for the international jazz scene for her voice and has been touring all over the world, from Rio to New York.

Vanja is mentioned in connection with names like Katie Melua and Councha Buika in the newly printed article "Three Top Beautiful Ladies" in ALT for the ladies. (music editor Marie-Lousie Truelsen writes.) The singer, who has lived for a number of years in Denmark, has a similar approach to his song as an Annisette. And it is immediately very good. (T. Holleufer from Garffa.)

This year we celebrate bossa nova for 60 years and she is current with a new album.

"Time for Love" Afrojazzsamba focusing on the good melody and improvisation.

This time it performs with a new and exciting 3-Trio, in addition to the talented ...

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Line up:
  • Thomas Clausen p (DK)
  • Vanja Santos v (BR)
  • Rune Fog-Nielsen Trods b (DK)

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