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The Mighty Mouse

H15 Scene , København V

Modern DKK 80,- pr. concert - 120,- for two - All day pass 200,-

No advance tickets

The Mighty Mouse (DK/NO/SE)
The Mighty Mouse is a modern nordic piano trio. That means piano, double bass and drums.
The music? High spirited – Transparent – Modern nordic approach, with lots of space – clear melodies and open improvisation, melting together in an organic and natural way.
The influences are many, but legendary trios with Bobo Stenson and Paul Bley, have had their influence on the approach to the music and sound of The Mighty Mouse.
The last 10 years, the band has had a wide range of successful tours all around Germany, Denmark, Poland and Sweden and released two acclaimed records on Barefoot Records.
During this years festival, the trio is celebrating their third release on Barefoot Records. The Mighty Mouse: “Or the man from the river”

Line up:
  • Morten Pedersen (DK) – piano
  • Thommy Andersson (SE) – double bass
  • Håkon Berre (NO) – drums

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