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Josefine Cronholm/Kirk Knuffke/Thommy Andersson

Jazzhus Montmartre , København K

Modern Vocal DKK 295

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During Copenhagen Jazz Festival in 2016 Josefine Cronholm, Kirk Knuffke and Thommy Andersson played together for the first time in what turned out to be a phenomenal show in musicality. This year the trio is back at CJF, this time at Jazzhus Montmartre. Cronholm is respected as a singer who understands the intimacy of music and uses her voice with unprecedented naturalness. New York based Kirk Knuffke has slowly but surely evolved into one of the most exciting and creative cornet players on the jazz scene, and finally, Thommy Andersson who has been writing compositions and played with international format for several years. The music will be given safe conduct this evening and will move in every possible direction without warning.

Copenhagen Jazz Festival 2018.

Line up:
  • Josefine Cronholm (Vocal / SE)
  • Kirk Knuffke (Cornet / US)
  • Thommy Andersson (Bass / SE)

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