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Bekkas/Kajfeš/Nordenström/Pasborg: Magic Spirit Quartet (SE/MA/DK)

Jazzhus Montmartre , København K

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It’s going to be super interesting when the Moroccan guembre player and vocalist, Majid Bekkas, will perform together with two of Sweden’s most recognized jazz musicians Goran Kajfeš and Jesper Nordenström and the Danish jazz giant Stefan Pasborg. Even though Majid Bekkas knows his guembre to the fullest, he also has a classical music upbringing and is a professor at the music conservatory in the Moroccan capital, Rabat. Trumpeter Goran Kajfeš draws influences from many different corners of the jazz genre, which can be heard through his African and Middle Eastern inspirations combined with his take on futuristic jazz and classical minimalism. His album “X/Y” was hailed by The Independent as jazz album of the year in 2011. Jesper Nordenström is a true master of the keys and Stefan Pasborg is one of the most acclaimed drummers in Denmark.
The meeting between these four musicians is a unique chance to experience an unorthodox constellation and an experience that will su...

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Line up:
  • Majid Bekkas (Guimbre/Vocal / MA)
  • Goran Kajfeš (Trumpet / SE)
  • Jesper Nordenström (Piano/Rhodes / SE)
  • Stefan Pasborg (Drums / DK)

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