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JUJU ME / Guldimunds Guitarkvintet

H15 Scene , København V

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The music from danish songwriter Asger Nordtorp Pedersen a.k.a. Guldimund can in fact not really be described as jazz music. But with a playfull and unpredictable approach to his material, Guldimund is still a jazz spirit. Four nights in a row during Copenhagen Jazz Festival Guldimund is investigating his songs. Every night with a different line-up.

The sound of JUJU ME is the sound of lo-fi pop. Exploring melancholic moods, groovy baselines, lazy beats the dark and seducing voice of Stine float on top of sizzling electric guitars, dreamy boy choir and oceanic keys.

Line up:
  • Guldimunds Guitarkvintet: Asger Nordtorp Pedersen, vokal og bas - Malte Nordtorp Pedersen, trompet - Buster Jensen, guitar - Simon Brinck, guitar - Rasmus Oppenhagen Krogh, guitar
  • JUJU ME: Stine Stendorph, vokal - Sven Dam Meinild, synth - Peter Albrechtsen, guitar - Buster Jensen, guitar - Asger Nordtorp Pedersen, Bas - Hans Henrik Thomsen, trommer

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