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Jazz Brunch - Jazzeriet

Halvandet , København K

Open Air Swing Traditional Vocal DKK 225,00 (inkl. brunch)

No advance tickets

The jazz series consists of 5 talented and experienced musicians. Everyone with years on the bag in many different genres, both together and separately, but as the name suggests, it's the jazz that brings them together.
The jazz series plays everything from the very quiet jazz ballads, delicious interpretations of old Billie Holliday classics, new and old songs with more swing in, and everything in between. Everything "jazzeficeret" and served with a cozy, good mood, great love for the music and a glimpse of the eye.

Enjoy the beautiful jazz rhythms from the Jazzery together with Halvandet's delicious brunch consisting of various small dishes focusing on good, quality Nordic raw materials for 225kr incl. Admission. "

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