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Jazz Brunch - Wonderbrazz

Halvandet , København K

Open Air Funk/Soul DKK 225,00 (inkl. Brunch)

No advance tickets

In 1998 WonderBrazz earned a 6 out of 6 star review for their debut album “Live At Café Bopa”. 20 years, 7 Cd’s and 600 concerts down the road the band is still delivering absolutely dedicated concert experiences, no matter if the target audience are listeners at a cosy jazz club or dancers at a hip night club.

WonderBrazz has performed at numerous venues including Montreux Jazz Festival, New Orleans Jazz’n Heritage Festival, MIDEM in Cannes, and the music of the band has been used in several Danish movies.

A fan of the band mailed it when saying “Your music makes me so happy”. WonderBrazz blend of New Orleans Roots, World Music and Funk has a special vibe that appeals to people of all generations, nationalities and cultures. This goes for hardcore jazz fans as well as people who would never even consider listening to jazz.

Vocals, a tight horn section, drums, percussion and hammond organ are the ingredients in WonderBrazz music...

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Line up:
  • Peter Kehl: trompet
  • Martin Seidelin: Percussion
  • Henrik Kjelin: Hammond, and
  • Esben Duus: trommer
  • Ola Åkerman: trombone
  • Stig Naur: sax

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