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Sir Francis Mc Riddlegouph Reunion feat. Søren Pilmark

Halvandet , København K

Open Air Vocal DKK 150,00

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FRANCIS McRIDDLEGOUPH - is a band that exclusively interprets songs of THE BEATLES

The band with the fancy name came from the collaborations on a One-man show with Søren Pilmark in 2003. The musicians and pilmark soon found themselves together in their common love and joy in The Beatles' amazing music and have since, which means in 15 years, loyal and faithful to the publishing and the illustrators, played and performed with Beatles music across the country. With a contagious playful fun of four of the country's best performing musicians and with Søren Pilmark in the front, there is a Beatles night of the big ones.

Come and enjoy Troels Skovgaard's phenomenal guitar game, and overwhelm Niels Ratzers generous world-class drums. Be impressed by Ole Skipper's insistent and precise base that would make McCartney proud and feel the joyful, happy feeling that spreads throughout the body when Søren Skov plays in almost everything everything from harmonics and ...

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Line up:
  • Niels Ratzer (trommer), Ole Skipper (bas), Søren Skov (keyboard), Troels Skovgaard ( guitar) samt af skuespilleren, Søren Pilmark ( piano og guitar ).

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