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LiteraturHaus , København N

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The critically acclaimed and Danish Grammy-winning vocal group IKI, who recently
released their new album ORACLE, gives an exclusive concert at the Copenhagen
Jazz Festival.

IKI consists of five women from Norway, Finland and Denmark. Together they work
with their voices as the main instruments and improvisation as their artistic tool.
Using machines and pedals, they manipulate their own voices live on stage. The
music, which is created in an intense here-and-now-moment together with the
audience, goes from trance-like soundscapes to alluring avantgarde beats and

ORACLE's visual world is built around masks designed by the London-based
maskmaker Damselfrau (who has also made designs for, among others, Björk and
Beyonce). With the masks, the five women emphasize the beautiful, mysterious and
tribal elements of their music.
The a...

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Line up:
  • Anna Mose (DK)
  • Kamilla Kovacs (DK)
  • Jullie Hjetland (DK/NO)
  • Guro Tveitnes (NO)
  • Johanna Sulkunen (FIN)

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