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Fredrik Lundin 'De 5 på nye eventyr'

Lindevangsparken , Frederiksberg

Free admission

With the quintet FIVE GO ADVENURING AGAIN, Lundin has created a “small” band with a very large and richly faceted sound.

The five unique musicians take advantage of the orchestra’s sound possibilities, and in the compositions, provide ample space to utilize their improvisa- tional potential. The explosive music is tempered by the Polish trumpeter Tomasz Dabrowski, two Swedes: Petter Hängsel on trombone/synth- hezeizer and Joel Illerhag on the bazantar (a homemade double bass with resonance strings), and two Danes: Anders Provis on acoustic and electric drums, and the Maestro himself on various saxophones.

Line up:
  • Fredrik Lundin (ts, brts, ss), Thomaz Dabrowski (tp), Petter
  • Hängsel (tb, synth), Joel Illerhag (b), Andres Provis (d, perc).

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