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GÆST#1 feat. Kasper Tranberg & Tim Berne (DK/US)

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The highly innovative and well established bass and drum unit , Petter Eldh & Peter Bruun, has started a project of their own. In the name of exploration, rhythm-design and avantgarde (in the original definition of the word) we proudly present: GÆST.
Petter an Peter has been touring the world with Django Bates trio Belovèd for the last 10 years and released a number of albums together. Latest release is on ECM with trio Belovèd (fall 2017). As leaders as well as side-men they have recorded with a variety of admired musicians (Django Bates, Marc Ducret, Peter Evens, Evan Parker, Chris Speed, Tim Berne, John Tchicai).
Now, the duo takes matters into their own hand: GÆST will invite friends, masters, unknown and known to collaborate. GÆST presents a series of different productions, tours, concepts, events and collaborations. Available for listening and touring is now: GÆST#1 invites American composer and alto saxophone player Tim Berne and Danish trumpet master Kasper ...

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Line up:
  • Petter Eldh, Tim Berne, Peter Bruun, Kasper Tranberg

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