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Jonas Johansens Blanco y Negro

Kongens Have , København K

Free admission

"Ten years ago, when Blanco y Negro first appeared, their combination of Cuban music and Scandinavian jazz seemed an exotic novelty. Now, relaunched with some phenomenal new players, they’re almost mainstream, but by no means run of the mill. The trickiest task is keeping the Latin and jazz elements in balance, and this they manage perfectly." – The Guardian, 2017

Blanco y Negro is a collective of virtuosos, captivating their audiences, telling a powerful story with colors from all over the world.

This band is on a mission. On a mission creating a true personal expression. And the result as for now in 2018, can be heard on the brand new hot top-album “Timbero” (Stunt Records). Reviewed widely all over.

Blanco y Negro is an ensemble with a global sound and a universal groove. That universal groove of rhythm and melody, that seems to work in all music, regardless of genre. The elements that at the same time can be understood by childre...

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Line up:
  • Karl-Martin Almqvist (S) Saxophones, Abel Marcel (Cu) Piano, Yasser Morejón (Cu) Bass, Eliel Lazo (Cu) Percussion, Jonas Johansen (DK) Drums

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