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Ydegirl is the name of an ancient bogbody but of a teenage girl. When found her head was partly shaved and her chest and pelvis almost dissolved.

Ydegirl is also alias to the project by Andrea Novel. The fantasy evolved around the destiny of Yde seems to have leaked into the sonical and lyrical life of the music, with references to a nordic tradition in the use of chamber instruments as flute and violin, and in the way the vocal is lead, partly sung partly spoken. But also r&b, hip hop and pop elements are present in the music, in the use of distorted hihats, subheavy kicks and subtropical samples.

Other women from the past and present have in time grown into the musical narration. The Mexican Baroque poet and composer Juana Inez de la Cruz and the anti-speciesist feminist Donna Harraway both wander in the present songs of Ydegirl. Each with their personal and political weariness of holism and feelings of othernism.

Line up:
  • Andrea Novél (vokal, basfløjte, sampler)
  • Thea Thorborg (violin)
  • Xenia Xamanek (keys, laptop, sax m.m.)

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