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Camilla Dayyani, Emil Hess & Thomas Clausen

Christians Kirke , København K

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Hess, Dayyani and Clausen play music where text and music have a special interaction. The intimate crew; saxophone, song and piano, creates space for the strong texts that are in focus. The music's improvisational approach to the music gives each text a new life at the concerts.
The repertoire is original songs of Dayyani, Hess and Clausen songs written for texts one of the scrolls. Emil Aarestrup, Tove Ditlevsen, B.S. Ingemann, Henrik Pontoppidan, Frank Hunter, Michael Strunge and Pia Tafdrup.
Camilla Dayyani is a singer with a strong expression. Text interpretation is central to her work and she cultivates the good sound and beautiful melodious songs. Has made several CDs with his own groups and has been a soloist with various big bands and Athelas ensemble.
Thomas Clausen is one of the great pianists of the Danish and European jazz. He has played with many different projects, such as youngsters with Dexter Gordon and Ben Webster, and later he has had his own gro...

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Line up:
  • Camilla Dayyani vokal, Emil Hess sax Thomas Clausen piano.

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