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Ole Kock-Hansen & Thomas Fonnesbæk - Nordic Moods (DK)

Christians Kirke , København K

Modern Mainstream DKK 125

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Ole Koch-Hansen - Thomas Fonnesbæk Duo - Nordic Moods

Pianist Ole Kock-Hansen and bassist Thomas Fonnesbæk play jazz associated with the folk idioms of each of the Nordic countries. The music conveys images of the Norwegian hills and mountains and dramatic fjords, a touch of Swedish melancholia, the Atlantic roars through the music of Iceland, and Danish music often feels like a gleam of sunlight filtering through fresh green beech leaves. But more than anything else, they play improvised music – jazz – of the finest kind.

Both musicians have a special connection to deceased bassist Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen (NHØP), whom for many years made Danish jazz and Copenhagen’s jazz club Montmartre world famous. Kock Hansen was his close collaborator for decades – especially in bringing forth a Danish folk tone in jazz. Fonnesbæk could not possibly get around him as one of his inspirational models.

The selection of themes also lead...

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Line up:
  • Ole Kock-Hansen piano,Thomas Fonnesbæk bas

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